create optimal spatial environments and
contribute to the development of human culture
through sophisticated technology based on the sciences of air, water, and heat,
while taking good care of the earth’s environment and our natural resources.

as engineering constructors,
actively strive to develop our business.
endeavor to develop technology with a constant eye toward the future,
deftly responding to the changing times.

Management with respect for human life and dignity
A workplace that is rewarding
Employees who work to improve themselves and are always eager for a challenge

In our hope to continue to be a corporation that is recognized as being useful and receives
the appreciation, trust, and sympathy of society at large, Asahi Kogyosha and its group of companies
have established the Charter on Corporate Conduct as a code of conduct for
all our officers and employees in the execution of their duties.

Basic Stance on Corporate Activities

As an air, hydraulic, and thermal engineering company, we will
earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers and
contribute to the progress of society by developing and providing optimal, safe technology.

We will work hard to increase our corporate value in order to meet the expectations and
deserve the trust of all our stakeholders.

We, the officers of the company, recognize that it is our role to ensure
that the spirit of this charter is realized, and we will strive to streamline
our company structure and keep everyone informed regarding business ethics.

Compliance with Laws and Norms

We will conduct our corporate activities in accordance with
national and international laws and social norms.

We will compete in a fair, transparent, and open manner and conduct transactions appropriately.
We will also maintain a normal and sound relationship to politics and
the administration of the government.

We will not form any kind of relationship with
forces or groups that threaten public order or safety.

Approach to Social Contribution and
the Global Environment

As a "good corporate citizen," our company and its members
will take part in social action programs.

We will make efforts to protect the environment and conserve natural resources
for the realization and preservation of a better global environment.

Disclosure and Protection of Information

We will seek to communicate widely with the public and
will disclose corporate information in a fair manner.

We will appropriately manage and protect all information obtained in the course of our work.

Securement of a Better Workplace Environment

We will respect the human rights, personalities, and individuality of each person and
will eliminate discrimination and harassment
based on gender, beliefs, religion, and any other factors.

We will strive to ensure and maintain a safe and
rewarding workplace environment and will strive to provide our workers
with comfort and abundance.

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Asia Pacific Asahi has been engaging to create production environment much in TAIWAN since 1996 and getting high evaluation as a subsidiary of Asahi Kogyosha Co., Ltd. develops the business which are the design and construction for HVAC & Sanitations, and manufacturing for environmental chambers from 1925 in Japan. We will work aggressively to creating any environments which customers would demand through sophisticated technology and high quality based on the sciences of air, water, and heat for future.

Company name
Parent company
11F-2,No23,Sec1,Chang-An E.Rd.,TAIPEI,TAIWAN,R.O.C
TEL 02-2511-6452
FAX 02-2567-9918
May 27, 1996
Capital NT$ 20 million
Paid-in Capital NT$ 5 million
Capital and the proportion of change
Mar 22, 2004
Capital NT$ 20 million
Paid-in Capital NT$ 15 million
VAT number
Japanese Technical Managers
Business description
Clean Room、Air-Conditioning&Ventilation、Sanitation、Fire engineering、Electric engineering、Piping Engineering
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